Insurance Claims

Storm Damage Repair & Insurance Claims Experts in Minnesota

When your home is damaged by wind or hail, it is important to file your insurance claim as soon as possible. Your insurance policy has a section that tells you what number to call and what is needed to file the claim. However, it doesn’t stop here. It’s not a matter of an adjuster coming to the home, assessing the damage, and the insurance company settling for a fair amount. There’s some legwork on your end of the matter as well, such as documenting the damage through photos and getting your own estimate.

At Cheetah Roofing, we can help you through the insurance claims process to make it easier for you. Damage to your home makes for a stressful situation. Our goal is to relieve as much of the stress as possible.

Help Through The Insurance Claims Process

Having experienced help through the insurance claims process is important. The help that we provide is from former insurance claims processors and field managers. Not every company can offer this type of assistance through the process. The goal is to maximize the settlement on your claim.

Here is how the process goes:

  • Call your insurance agency as soon as possible so the claims process can begin.
  • Call Cheetah Roofing and we will arrive the same day or the next day to do a free estimate. We can also quickly mitigate the damage with emergency tarps and taping so no further damage occurs.
  • Take as many photos as possible so you can provide these to the insurance adjuster.
  • We will arrive and perform a thorough assessment of the damage so we can provide a proper estimate.
  • You can give the insurance adjuster the Cheetah Roofing assessment when they arrive. We use the same software used by insurance companies.
  • The insurance company will make their decision.
  • You can dispute the settlement amount if it is not enough or if the claim is denied and we can guide you through this.

Sometimes the insurance claims process is cut and dry and other times it is more involved. Regardless of what occurs during the process, we are there to help you.

Helping You Understand Your Insurance Policy

We can also help you understand your insurance policy. If you have any questions about the language in the policy that defines what is covered and what isn’t covered, we can help. We understand how insurance companies work, the language, and different types of policies. You are never alone when you have Cheetah Roofing working for you.

Former Insurance Claim Processors And Field Managers On Our Staff

We are so knowledgeable in the area of insurance claims because we have former claims processors and field managers on our staff. This expertise is extremely important to you and to us because you need to have a fair settlement that will pay for the damages done to your home. To learn more about how Cheetah Roofing can help you and to schedule a free estimate, call us in Minnesota at 952-412-0094.