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Family values drive Cheetah Roofing to be everything that customers need when dealing with storm or hail damage or improving the exterior of the home. We are all about building relationships that last because the relationships are what have created the strong foundation for our business.

Serving Customers in multiple locations

Part of building this foundation is the education of the customer. We make sure we give each customer the information they need to make an informed decision about using our services. We want our customers to be confident that they made the right choice.

How do you know you made the right choice?

We have extensive training and have taken courses that have helped us earn some of the best certifications in the industry. These courses have covered roofing, insurance adjusting, and anything involving current trends. We like to stay up-to-date in our practices and with the equipment and processes we use. We have used the same installation crews for 7+ years so that you can be sure that you are getting experienced people that are at your home and they have thousands of installs under their belt.

We’ve Helped With Thousands Of Insurance Claims

When you choose us, we strive to make you feel comfortable. To do this, we also help with insurance claims. After the storm, things can be confusing and difficult to navigate. We have helped our customers through thousands of insurance claims. We work hand in hand with every insurance company in the nation including the largest brands as well as the small local brokers that may focus on churches, commercial properties or farm properties.  We know what to expect from adjusters and provide information that will help you obtain a fair settlement from the insurance company. We will give you all the information you need to properly document the damage so the adjuster and the insurance company are fully aware of what has happened to your home.

We are so knowledgeable in this area because our staff includes former insurance claims processors and field managers that are experienced with how insurance companies work. We also use the same software that the insurance companies use so that their estimates match ours. Most claims use what is called a supplement, which is an addendum to the originally approved items. The supplement is negotiated between your insurance company and Cheetah to ensure the proper pricing, state building codes and permit fees are reimbursed to us at the conclusion of your claim. These increased supplemental amounts raise the total claim amount but do not come out of your pocket.

Excellent Quality Control

You can also count on us giving you the highest quality work. We can do any of the following for you:

  • Roofing
  • Storm damage and hail damage repair
  • Siding
  • Replacement windows
  • Gutters
  • Commercial Roofing-Flat

We want to be a one-stop-shop for all things exterior when it comes to your home or business. We make sure we use the same installation crews every time so that you know you are getting the same quality. We don’t hire different people for every job for the fact that we don’t want to see varying levels of quality. Our crews are well-trained and ready to take on some of the most challenging jobs in Minnesota. You won’t find a more dedicated roofer, siding installer, gutter installer, replacement window installer, or storm damage repair company.

We are also VERY FAST!

Fastest Service Around

Something that sets us apart from our competition, aside from having insurance experts on-hand, is the fact that we are very fast. We arrive at your home the same day or the next day to perform a free estimate on the damage that has occurred. This gets the process rolling faster, which accelerates job completion to your satisfaction.

Cheetah Roofing has the experience and expertise in Minnesota needed to complete your storm damage repair, roofing replacement, gutter, siding, and replacement windows project. We are committed to quality service that is completed fast.

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