How Hail Affects a Roof in a Storm

When severe weather strikes bringing with it strong winds, or worse, hail, it can also bring with it a high risk of damage. However, of all the things you worry about with hail – your windows, your car, your head – your roof probably isn’t among your primary worries. However, while you can protect much of your property by bringing it underneath your roof, the roof itself can’t be protected from hail, but it can be damaged just like everything else.

If your roof has been through even just a minute of hail, there is the potential for damage. Unfortunately, the damage isn’t always very apparent. If you look at a roof and find immediate damage, that is one thing and it needs to be fixed. However, a big concern is that hail can also cause premature aging of your roof. If you already have an aging roof, it can mean you need to spend that huge chunk for new roofing sooner than expected, especially if you ignore any visible damage.

What to Look Out For After a Hail Storm

Severe weather can manifest a number of different damages on your roof after a storm. If you want to make sure your roof continues to protect as intended and you don’t want to replace the whole thing sooner than you need to, look for these more obvious signs of damage and get them repaired as soon as possible.

Lost Shingles

This is more common with wind that accompanies hail rather than the hail itself, but if shingles are loose or blown off the roof altogether, that is a problem. A singular shingle may not seem important, but it is a piece of armor for your roof that is no longer there. It leaves everything underneath vulnerable. Furthermore, if a shingle is still on the roof, but loose, folded, curled, or otherwise not like the others, that is a vulnerability in your roof as well.

Granule Loss

When it comes to the asphalt shingles common in many homes, you may notice the ceramic granules present on the surface. These serve to protect the asphalt from the sun, but during a hail storm, the hail can break these granules off fairly easily, leaving the asphalt vulnerable to weather. Eventually, this will lead to structural issues.


Shingles can deal with a bit of impact, but as hail can have significant force behind it, it can actually leave cracks in a shingle, particular older ones. If you spot cracks, it may not seem like a big deal, but they are. As cracks can run through an entire shingle, it leaves openings for water to get through to what is underneath – your home.

What Now?

All of the above are the noticeable issues. However, even if you don’t see an issue, items like the fiberglass mat or the self seal strip can be damaged by the impact of hail during a storm. You won’t notice these issues until the bigger problems they cause manifest, such as being more prone to losing shingles in any storm or water damage to areas of your home.

If you have been through a hail storm, you should always get up on your roof to check things out after the weather passes and it is safe to do so. If you notice an issue or are manifesting roof problems, contact us today. Cheetah Roofing gets the job done fast and right the first time. If you are in Minnesota, call us at 952-412-0094 for a free, no obligation inspection and estimate for the damage. Let us help you make sure your roof continues to do its job right, too.