What You Need to Know About Replacement Windows

So, what is the deal with replacement windows?

If you have noticed that your windows are no longer enhancing the appearance of your home or shielding it from the elements or noise, it may be time to replace them with new ones that complement the architecture of the home, reduces energy bill costs, and keeps your home peaceful.

While there is money involved with this decision, you need windows that perform.

Do Simply Just Repair Your Windows?

When looking at replacement windows, you may also consider the possibility of repair. Many people do make this consideration before entering the final decision. If the original window frame is in good shape, you may be able to have other components repaired. However, a good window frame means that a replacement window can be installed in the opening. The trim, side jambs, and sashes can also be replaced.

If the original frame is rotted, then a new window will be needed. In this case, the decision is made for you.

Completely replacing a window can cost more than a replacement window, which is why you want to opt for replacement whenever you can.

Consider the Payback

You also need to consider that you will recoup much of the investment in replacement windows. This occurs when you save money on energy costs or through the increased value of the home. If you resell the home, you are going to be able to put a higher price tag on it. If you refinance, you can have more equity.

Yes, increased value is fantastic. However, the energy savings are immediate. The outside air stays out and the inside air stays in. This results in a more comfortable indoor environment. You can even control the UV rays entering the home based on the windows you choose.

Types of Replacement Windows

With all this said, there are different types of replacement windows to consider:

  • Double-hung windows – These windows open from the top and bottom. A crank is present on casements, which makes them easy to use.
  • Double-pane windows – You have two pieces of glass that have argon or krypton between them for insulation.
  • Mullions – These are vertical or horizontal dividers that give the window a more traditional appearance. Some are the snap-out style, which makes them easy to clean.

All in all, you have options and you can talk to your replacement windows installer about those options so you can choose the one that’s right for you.