Steps to Take After Your Home Sustains Storm Damage

Storm damage can occur at any time, causing harm to your home. Heavy rains can result in flooding, a storm can produce hail, wind can also do its fair share of damage. Post-storm damage can be a safety hazard, so it is imperative to have a strategy for dealing with damage. Below are some steps that will help you deal with the damage immediately after the storm.

Safety Precautions

First of all, hazards can be created by storm damage. The roof could collapse, windows could be damaged, and even walls could collapse. If you have standing water in the basement, there are dangers that exist there as well, not to mention the mold that can develop in furniture, carpeting, and the building materials because of the moisture they absorb.

Make sure you use safety equipment, ensure that there are no exposed electrical wires anywhere and that you go nowhere near falling ceilings or walls. If the structure is weak in any way, get out and move away to avoid the risk of injury.

Immediately after the Storm

When you are in a safe place, you need to call a storm damage company immediately. This is so any roofing damage can be mitigated to avoid further damage. Mitigating roof damage can involve tarping or taping the roof. Windows may also need to be boarded up. The idea is to keep additional moisture from infiltrating the home.

Other steps to take include:

  • Call the insurance company. The number to call is included in your insurance policy
  • Photograph the damage using a camera or your cell phone so you have a record for the insurance company.
  • When you call your storm damage company, get an estimate on the damage. This estimate can also be used to assist the insurance adjuster.
  • If you can’t stay in the home, make sure you find a place to stay. Don’t take a chance because the home could be dangerous.
  • Look into Federal Disaster Assistance if your area was a storm disaster area. The assistance comes in the form of loans that can help in the restoration of the property. Even if you have insurance, there may be reasons why this type of assistance could be useful.

Stay Safe

No matter what you do, it is important to stay safe while minimizing the impact the storm has on your home as much as you can. Professional storm damage repair can ensure the matter is handled properly and even give you help with your insurance claim so you have a better chance of maximizing the claim. This can take a lot of stress off your shoulders, which is important when dealing with the aftermath of a storm.